PlayStation Uncharted 4 Media Launch
PlayStation Uncharted 4 Media Launch
PlayStation Uncharted 4 Media Launch



To celebrate the newest addition to the acclaimed Uncharted franchise, Uncharted 4:

A Thief’s End, Sony PlayStation Middle East took twelve regional influencers on

a quest through the rocky roads of Kathmandu, Nepal to physically live the game.


We were briefed on following the influencers on their adventure and creating a short

documentary of their activities during their journey.





Documentaries require an always on approach, capturing every moment and every

influencer to ensure our talent had an equal share of footage. We developed a story which had a significant connection to the Uncharted franchise.


Our creative strategy was inspired by our research and analysis of both Sony

PlayStations media and gameplay content. Although challenged with finding useable

footage for certain segments of the trip due to the spontaneous nature of the challenges, we produced an exhilarating 6 min video that took our online audience on the same journey and mirrored the venturesome nature of the Uncharted series.

PlayStation Uncharted 4 Media Launch